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WF80F5E2Q4W won't spin drum, everything else appears to work after replacing bearing and rubber band.

(Topic created on: 07-01-2024 03:46 PM)

I have the following washing machine:



The bearing in the drum basically destroyed itself over time and the rubber band snapped. So I disassembled the machine, replaced the bearing and the band, reassembled everything.

All appears to work except the drum will never spin. All programs can be started without error messages, and the machine will pump water into the drum and out of it. However the drum will not spin.

When rotating the drum by hand it works.

So I wonder is there some secret error message that causes the machine to "detect" someone disconnected and reconnected the motor? Like on a car where you have to sometimes erase the error log for specific things to work again.

I have also tried CLB calibration mode. The mode starts by showing a twirling symbol after showing CLB however the drum never starts spinning so the CLB mode never completes.


Then I start the TST mode and selected the 3rd test run, which supposedly starts the drum. Then it shows a 3E error message.

Now I have removed the motor again, and checked it for damage. It appears to be working. I can rotate the rotating part by hand, and all connecting cables are where they should be.


I have also read about there being a safety mechanism against unbalanced loads that would refuse to rotate if it is unbalanced. However I tested it all with an empty drum. Also if that was the reason, wouldn't it also prevent the entire program from starting? Because starting any program works and the water gets pumped into the machine. Just whenever the drum is supposed to go on, nothing happens and all programs appear to wait for the drum to start (all programs and CLB)

Also what is the thing attached to the bottom plate? it has a red and a blue cable and appears to be some type of sensor.