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Wash cycles length and temp on WD80M4B53IW/EU

(Topic created on: 27-07-2020 08:09 PM)
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Hi all,

My faithful Indesit packed up over the weekend and I took a chance on the Samsung having been recommended by couple of a friends, but I do have a couple of questions that experienced users may be able to answer...


On my Indesit a cotton wash took 1:17 but on the Samsung its 3:20!? Is this normal? There is only two of us with general wear clothes and I usually do one wash for colours, blacks and whites once a week. Is there a better/quicker setting for this?


Second there appears to be no 30 degree wash setting!? This to me seems ludicrous, most clothing is either 30 or 40, having 20 degree increments seems stupid.  Is 20 degrees enough?


I was very excited about my new washing machine, particularly after spending a considerable amount of money on it, and the fact it seemingly sung to me after I calibrated it 😂 I really don't want to find that the price doesn't reflect the product...


Many thanks 😊