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RF24FSEDBSR American style fridge freezer - Kaput

(Topic created on: 14-07-2021 10:03 AM)
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Bought the fridge freezer in July 2016. The April 2021 fridge part went into ECO mode all by itself, OK not too bad we recovered from that.
June 2021 the temperature control on the fridge did not work and the internal temperature climbed to room temperature. Arranged via Samsung website for an official Samsung engineer to call.
The fridge freezer that I bought in July 2016 for £1800 is scrap. The internal insulation has started degenerating and is crumbling away. It lasted less than 5 years!!
Samsung is stone faced about it. I have to chase and chase them. 
No apologies from them, no offers of replacement.
All calls - even for delivery appointments - go through to Korea. Some are polite but don't understand spoken English very well, some are downright rude and shout at you. I ended up with a polite and sympathetic gentleman.
My god what an awful company!