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Letters Rubbing Off On Washing Machine

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I purchased a Samsung front loader washer, model WF424H5200AW/A2, about two years ago.  Just recently, the letters have started to rub off on the control panel for no apparent reason.  I called customer service to see if it could be fixed as it is still in warranty.  Unfortunately, they said they cannot help as it is a cosmetic issue.  I was then told to contact the parts department to see if they could sell me new decals.  As disheartening as this was, I decided to at least give it a try.  Upon speaking to the parts department I was informed that decals don't exist and that I would have to buy a whole new control panel.  

I know Samsung considers this cosmetic, but I would disagree as I need to see what cycle I am using!  A brand new machine should not have this issue.  Clearly, cheap ink is being used.  In addition to the washer, I own a Samsung dryer, tv, and refrigerator.  I was going to buy a new stove this weekend but will probably steer clear of Samsung and go with the GE model I have been looking at.  I am so disappointed by the quality of the product and the unhelpful customer service I received.  If you're looking into purchasing a Samsung washer and dryer I would reconsider and explore other options.  

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This has happened to me as well but my dryer is one year newer.  Was there any resolution?

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