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Ice maker not filling up ice box or not dropping ice.

(Topic created on: 20-07-2021 08:03 PM)
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My ice maker in my Rs68n8330b1 fridge freezer stopped making ice this weekend. I scanned the forums for the fault symptoms. The ice tray fills and freezes but does not drop the ice into the container below. I used the test button and it cycled correctly. Tray rotates, ice drops out and tray is refilled with water. But ice was not dropping so no mint mojitos for me after painting the shed in blazing hot sun... The ice mechanism has an arm that checks if the hopper is full, and a sensor that says 'yeah man, I'm well frozen to signal the mechanism to drop the ice and refill / repeat. If everything was working fine before, remove ice hopper and press test button. Tray should rotate and ice if formed should fall and tray should refill with water. Arm should come down to check if hopper is full. Defrost and dry your hopper at this point and check that the mechanism that dispenses ice and crushed ice is free to rotate. Replace hopper and shut door and check that mechanism works when activated for crushed ice, cubed and cold water. Water should come out and you should hear the sound of stuff rotating for cubed and crushed ice. Obviously with no ice in the bin, your going to remain thirsty... I play detective- what has changed from when the ice worked fine? Answer. The good wife has has a mega Tesco delivery and has rammed the freezer full of lovely grub. The problem is the lovely grub (in this case bags of frozen peas and sweetcorn have totally obscured the vents above the top and next down drawers. This stopped the cool breeze chilling the sensor in the ice tray down to the 'hey dude its cocktail time' temperature and dropping the ice. This reve.ation made my chest fill with epic pride. I ate a whole Ben And Jerry's ice cream and beat the offending vegetables into the bottom drawer. Armed with only a tepid Stella I wait with anticipation for the result of my actions. Actually I drink three whilst laying in shade in a hammock reading a Bernard Cornwell book that had much middle age slaughter going on. On my eventual return ther is much rejoicing. Ice has returned. It is a sign! We praise our fortune with G&T's that tge ice maker is ably keeping up with. I share this with you because it is apparently the cause of much ice maker woes - yet strangely not mentioned in the manual. I urge anyone who has this fault to examine my diagnosis keenly and bring back those exotic drinks to your summer days...

Home Appliances

There's so much in this post that I like. 😂😎


Great stuff, @Jarvis1966 ! Glad that once more you're able to enjoy exotic beverages - particularly in the current hot weather. And perfect advice for the first point of call in resolving ice maker woes. 😎