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Dryer Heatpump Technology

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This dryer (DV90M50001W 9KG load) worked great for just over 2 years until just after the warranty expired July 2020 and then the dryer stopped removing the water. We paid £599.99 in June 2018.
Samsung engineers came out and were unable to diagnose a fault but charged us £35 for the call-out. They then provided a quotation for £240+ £25 fitting for a new condenser unit with no guarantee the replacement part would fix the issue. They also suggested calling a refrigeration engineer. I did call a refrigeration engineer who propose re-gassing the system but again with no guarantee it would properly fix the issue (re-gas cost cira. £210).

I’ve now seen numerous complaints on the Samsung website about exactly the same issue. There is a major design fault with the machine.
What’s most disappointing is the customer service regarding this issue. After 50 minutes and being passed around 5 different representatives I was cut off and I’m still waiting on a call-back after calling them again.
Utterly pathetic service from Samsung and having been a very loyal Samsung brand buyer I won’t be spending any more money on their products.
Beware – do not buy one of these dryers and if you have be sure to get the extended warranty because you will definitely need it!!

Richard McQueen

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