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Dryer Heatpump Technology

(Topic created on: 10-08-2020 08:18 PM)
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This dryer (DV90M50001W 9KG load) worked great for just over 2 years until just after the warranty expired July 2020 and then the dryer stopped removing the water. We paid £599.99 in June 2018.
Samsung engineers came out and were unable to diagnose a fault but charged us £35 for the call-out. They then provided a quotation for £240+ £25 fitting for a new condenser unit with no guarantee the replacement part would fix the issue. They also suggested calling a refrigeration engineer. I did call a refrigeration engineer who propose re-gassing the system but again with no guarantee it would properly fix the issue (re-gas cost cira. £210).

I’ve now seen numerous complaints on the Samsung website about exactly the same issue. There is a major design fault with the machine.
What’s most disappointing is the customer service regarding this issue. After 50 minutes and being passed around 5 different representatives I was cut off and I’m still waiting on a call-back after calling them again.
Utterly pathetic service from Samsung and having been a very loyal Samsung brand buyer I won’t be spending any more money on their products.
Beware – do not buy one of these dryers and if you have be sure to get the extended warranty because you will definitely need it!!

Richard McQueen

Sam-Sung fan no more
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Big Big Problem with these heat pump dryers. ask any non samsung engineer about them - There is an epidemic of these big fails and Samsung don't want to accept the truth that they fail because of substandard materials or coating of the condensors, I have had two Samsung heat pump dryers (on in UK and one in home in italy) and they both are uneconomical to repair junk now because the they have lost their gas after a couple of years use mild use, i took them apart myself after the engineers and can tell you 100% that the condensors are not coated properly and are not able to resist corrosion (they turn from silver to green in just a few months) because of the constant damp and that causes corrosion, then the constant heating and refreezing along with the vibration of the dryer make the pipes fracture in a year or two.  other companies have no trouble making air con parts that last for decades. Samsung should send out these parts to us for free...