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Aircon split system odd behaviour

(Topic created on: 14-06-2023 08:20 AM)
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I've been owning AC #AR12MSPXBWKNEU for some years now and there was never an issue.

However,  have cleaned the filter and I tried to connect it to wifi, and odd behaviour started. 

From now on the following does not work:
- I cannot power it off via remote, although it  beeps.
- flap does not open
- any function from remote (same as on/off, beeps however)
- display does not show temp ( just one or two leds, mostly one for viruses)

What works is:
- fan indoor unit
- fan outdoor unit
- button/receiver on the inside unit
- on button on remote control
- remote control LCD shows information , hence batteries are good


How it works:
Scenario 1 - if i plug it in , ac starts blowing air right away , without using remote. Air Is normal, not cold nor hot.
Scenario 2 - i press the button on the indoor unit, it opens the flap , unit display  shows number 10, switches to temp and blows air stronger. This goes for no longer than 2 min and it redo Scenario 1 and stays at that. 
Scenario 3 - i press indoor unit button longer ac switches off.
Scenario 4 - is the same as Scenario 3, however I press on button on remote control, and AC goes to Scenario 1. 

Outdoor/indoor conditions are 25 +/-4 centigrades. 

I checked hidden service menu and it displayed two zeros. 
As I assumed that maybe it had moist inside, I left Scenario 1 run throughout the night to see if its perhaps moist, and it would still run (for 10hrs) if I didn't stop it. 

Could anyone help me out and tell me if I started some recovery mode, or ac is gone?


Local AC service guy came, and he gave a quick glance, he pointed out that 3 leds are on randomly (wifi and timer, or virus and timer on). He assumed that remote got unpaired or blocked , since it beeps but does not do any change.

Last night I manage to connect to AC via SmartThings, and it works flawlessly. Still remote commands are received to indoor unit (Beeps) but changes are not accepted.