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Z Fold 3 (Samsung needs to take care of their loyal customers)

(Topic created on: 08-06-2024 10:32 PM)
  • Last year October while my Z Fold 3 was under warranty , I had the issue where my Z Fold would not connect to my wifi, Samsung was great and they repaired the issue. I think this involved replacing the inner screen. 7 months later 8/06/24 I had just disconnected my phone from my tv (yes it's a Samsung too)  and placed it down, picked it up seconds later and opened the phone and saw a thick black line down the middle and a green line across the right side and the right side screen no longer works. My daughter who has the fold 5 was mortified because she watched the whole scene unfold. Now of course my phone  being just 19 DAYS OUT OF WARRANTY the possibility of Samsung even taking responsibility is highly unlikely however it really bugs me that Samsung has this forum for their customers yet No one from Samsung monitors it, because if they did there would be awareness to the issues we are having with their products that we purchase with the confidence that we would at least get 5 years usage out of it, 2 years is not enough and unacceptable. Admit when your product has a fault and do the right thing. I recommend that you either Increase your manufacturer's warranty, Recall your faulty product and offer replacements or repairs when it is a manufacturing fault. It's bazaar that so many ppl have had both the issues that I have had yet Samsung continues to turn a blind eye. Even though you Samsung treat your customers so bad we continue to be loyal and buy your products because now I am looking at the S24 Ultra. Btw... I would Just like to add that when I bought my Z Fold 3 Samsung had a trade in promotion so I took my S20 that has been in full protection from day dot. They would not accept it as a trade in because the rep took a magnifying glass and inspected the phone , was unsure what he found because it was not visible to human eye even with magnifying glass then proceeded to take a photo and zoomed into it until he could just about see the smallest crack on the back camera lens... It was my birthday so I held off my laugh and swiped my card minusing $2900 for my Z fold 3.  
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Hi @MSmuts 

I'm sorry to learn of the issues you raise here in your post.  😔 

Firstly Samsung Staff who are Official Moderators here do monitor the forum ,and help when and where necessary to provide advice. 

However the Samsung Community Forum is not a Customer Services channel that deals with product warranty issues, or Customer Services related issues. 

This is directly dealt with by Samsung Customer Services by the relevant channels in your region, and or a Samsung Service Centre ,or a Samsung Experience Store when a person approaches them. 

It is great 👍 that Samsung did supply acceptable support to deal with the first issue which does sound like a hardware issue , which will have been covered under the umbrella of the Samsung Manufacturer's Warranty. 

To note However accidental damage isn't unfortunately which is why Samsung offer Samsung Care+ that comes with a monthly fee, or a person uses another relevant insurance option or decides simply not to add any additional insurance.

Here in the UK Samsung apply a 24 Month Manufacturer's Warranty. 

You have posted in the Samsung Community Forum for UK / Eu members. 

This is an industry standard in regards to warranties unless a person extends that warranty by purchasing insurance. 

I appreciate your phone is out of warranty by 19 days,  however you mention it's " unlikely " that Samsung would help.

I would suggest to approach Samsung in your region ,and ask for support if you haven't already. 

I too owned the Samsung Fold³ from it's launch date ,and found the phone to be of a high standard. 

The only issue I had was that the inner screen protector delaminated.

I peeled this away and continued to use the phone as normal. 

I eventually traded the Flip³ phone in for the Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra with Samsung UK. 

On a side note I still have that s²³ Ultra phone as a back up. 

I now use the Samsung Galaxy s²⁴ Ultra as my main driver. 

The Trade-in Terms and Conditions are explained on the support pages for a person to be aware of what Samsung would accept.

Here in the UK the Trade-in process is controlled by another party.

If there is an issue with the phone being used as a Trade-in then either the phone is refused or in some circumstances accepted ,but at a lesser price than initially indicated. 

Ultimately this is entirely at the discretion of the parties involved to accept the phone or not. 

The beauty of choice we have is to choose who and when we make our purchases @MSmuts and I wish you well with your next choice. 

If i can be of any further help please don't hesitate to ask  😎 


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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
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Hi thanks for the reply ...Both my S20 my ZFold have always had Hydrogel screen covers and a solid case  and  both phones are still to this day without a single scratch, nick or fingerprint on the actual devices. When the problem occurred with my Z Fold I searched up the issue online and found similar cases where the fault occured out of the blue with a solid black line along the fold and a green line across the right side of the screen which is also the side where the touch screen no longer works. The left side and front screen still work perfectly. Having several people experiencing the exact same problem is a little more than coincidence. Bottom line whether I purchased the Samsung Care+ or not no one expects to have their phone go in for MANUFACTURE repairs within the first 24 months of purchase then more depressingly need another repair several months later, with so many ppl having the same wifi issue because the cable for the wifi runs down along the fold, there was nothing extra put in place by Samsung to reassure the customers who had these problems,I would have been happy if after the repair to have my screen that my  warranty  extended for another yr. Ive had one other experience with an item that had a  manufacturers fault  and the company was happy to extend the warranty because they wanted to ensure 100% customer satisfaction  because I chose their product out of all the brands being sold. I like many others are a huge fan of Samsung it's the product of choice in my home. 

I really enjoyed having my Z Fold 3 but maybe the S24 Ultra will suit me better and last longer. 


Wouldn't be shocked if it's caused by the hinge brushes disintegrating. My fold 4 had a green line like this right before it died. Not dropped, one morning folded absolutely fine to eat breakfast, put in my pocket, unfolded it and the screen went.

Samsung needs to do right by customers on this one. I'm going to give them another chance and upgrade to a fold 6. But if I have issues with that, might move back to Apple given the lack of zfold style devices in the UK (won't touch pixel phones with a barge pole).

I ended up buying the S24 Ultra which I simply Love however my Fold 3 is still my favourite it definitely did not sit right with me to not do anything about the issue especially when I'm 100 % sure that the problem with the screen occurred randomly.  I decided that I should open a ticket with Samsung and describe the issue then wait and see what happens. The ticket was not responded to within 3 weeks so I sent an email directly to SSC and got a response almost immediately. I was advised to bring my phone in to have it assessed and if it is a manufacture fault Samsung will honour it and cover the cost of repair even though it is currently out of warranty  period. What also gave me a positive feel of the what the outcome might be is how impressed the receptionist was when she saw the condition of my Fold 3. At this time my phone has been assessed and the part has been ordered they are just waiting for confirmation from Samsung to go ahead with the repair.. Not in a million years did I think that Samsung would cover a manufacturer problem if the phone was out of warranty however I do think it pays to look after your phone and keep it in protective gear at all times. I cannot wait to get my fold 3 back.