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Z fold 3 issues

(Topic created on: 25-01-2023 01:55 AM)

I purchased a z fold 3 and have owned it for 14 months. The fold screen screen suddenly has a black line down the middle and the right half of the screen no longer works. I was told that the fold could handle 100 folds a day for 5 years before failing. Now I''m 2 months out of warranty and the screen has failed. The repair quotes in getting are around 500 dollars. I do not want to pay that much just to have the screen fail again. I see online that thousands of people are having the same issue. I am surprised that Samsung has not had a recall on this issue. At this point I no longer wish to deal with the issues of a fold screen. I inquired about an s 22 ultra and was told the best discount I could get even with my situation was still paying 800 out of pocket while I''m still paying on the $2500 fold purchase. So Samsung wants me to give them my 2000 phone for a 1200 phone and pay $800 on top of that. I just can''t justify that when the one I invested in has failed to function as promised. Is there anything that Samsung plans to do to resolve this issue with their thousands of customers with the same issue? I really enjoy Samsung products and typically have no issues with them however, this situation has been particularly disappointing for me. If anyone has any information on a class action lawsuit I would be interested in the information. 


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Hi @Fm23 

I totally understand and appreciate your frustrated with the situation and have lost faith in your Samsung Fold³ 😔 

I have owned the Samsung Fold³ from launch day with my phone developing the line up the crease on the internal display which was the factory fitted screen protector delaminating.

I carefully peeled this plastic sheet away from my phone and it works fine.

This does not invalidate the warranty however the caveat is if the screen is damaged whilst removing the factory fitted screen protector then the warranty can be invalidated. 

However I understand from what you write that one side of your phone's display has ceased to work. 😔 

Samsung apply a 2 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty / 24 months  on their phone's.

So your phone at 14 months old is still within warranty unless they assess the phone, and advise damage has been caused by accidental damage i.e an accidental bump or water ingress. 

Let a Samsung Service Centre  / Samsung Experience Store have actual hands on with the phone to assess it.

They'll then advuse you of the outcome and options to choose from before they carry out any work.

If an outlet is not local then look into arranging to send the phone to Samsung.

Take time and dated stamped photo's included one of it turned On to show it's aesthetic condition while in your possession. 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 


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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

I think that Samsung needs to start dealing with these issues professionally. I have a fold 3 and am waiting for an appointment to get my issue sorted.

I think it's only fair that if there are no signs of an impact point on the display or device; Samsung should replace the screen, no questions asked.

I will say that with the latest update, my fold 3 has a lot of bugs.
So I'm hoping that a software update will fix my issue before my appointment with Samsung.

I would be interested in participating in a class action lawsuit as well. My z-fold 3 was also within warranty. It actually had about a week left whenever the screen started showing signs of failing right along the fold. When I removed the screen protector I found that the damage was actually in the surface of the screen right at the fold. It was presenting in the forms of small cracks and bubbles in the surface. I contacted Samsung about this and was told that I must send it in to have it repaired under warranty. I was very reluctant to do this since once I gave a possession of the device I would have no control over the situation. I should have trusted my instincts. I sent my functional device in to Samsung. Other than the bubbles forming in the fold of the screen, it was still functioning just fine. I was worried that the screen was going to fail due to the damage presenting on the surface. After Samsung took possession of my device they claimed that the display was actually no longer functioning and had "internal damage". I know this is a lie. I was using the device right up until I powered it down after a factory reset in order to send it to them. I also have multiple people who viewed the device because I was showing them the damage. So I have plenty of people that can testify as to the functionality of the device before Samsung took possession. They have now disassembled my device and rendered it inoperable and refuse to repair it unless I pay them $386. For the last several days I have been arguing with customer service, the repair center, and now returns an exchanges. All of them tell me they are very sorry. And all of them refuse to investigate the shady behavior of the repair center. They have taken my device and are now holding it hostage until I pay money to have it repaired. Even though they are the ones that broke it. This is shameful behavior. I guess my next option is to start emailing the The corporate officers whose contact information I have obtained. Perhaps if I start making them uncomfortable I can get something done. I'm not really interested in any of the moderators of this forum asking me further details about this unless they have the full intention of remedying this problem. I don't need any more apologies. I need somebody to step up and admit that Samsung was wrong.


i had the same problem as yours , it started with a crease forming along the middle of the folding section. just looked like a crease in the screen cover, then it started bubbling and turning black , it was in warranty but Samsung didn't honour the warranty saying it was caused by accidental damage, this was untrue. I  just opened it as normal never dropped or damaged it. Will never buy one of these again and ut has put me iff buying from Samsung in the future.  Samsung needs to stand up and make this right, they know that it's a design fault ! these need to be recalled .

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Not true. I am having the same issue with the crease in the fold and am being told the warranty is only 1 year.

After several calls and many hours on the phone, Verizon finally replaced my phone under manufacturers warranty. I did not have to pay anything.  I did not have to use my insurance. BTW my phone is 2 years old.

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I currently have the exact same issue and Samsung Belgium refuses to fix the phone under its warranty.

The phone has always been used with a case and a lot of care. I'm certain that the issue wasn't caused by me.

The scree simply stopped to work and a thick black line appeared in the centre.

Now they want to charge me amount 700 euros to fix it.

This is insane, the phone is 1.5 years old.

I'm trying to contact their support but it doesn't seem that I will get anywhere.

I have learnt my lesson with Samsung.

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I am having the same black line problem. The issue is since I paid off my phone the warranty is no longer available. I never dropped it, got wet, sat on, nothing. Then just yesterday the black line shows up and now the only side that works if the left of the line. I use this phone for school and now I have to find one that does the same thing this phone did. Samsung needs to address this issue and soon. 

Jay Morla

Totally losing faith with Samsung phone.   Owned all note series in past then to zFold spending over 2k but not even 2 yrs after middle cracks with big black line and one panel only works with stylus.    I have other friend with black line in middle.    Tried to reach Samsung and sent me to Ubreak we fix type of outlet ..... was total waste of time!    This should  be the case for the class action lawsuit for selling .... product with own technical issue!!!


HI Jay

Samsung must know that this is a manufacturers fault.  I think that there isn't a lot that we can do. My personal thoughts are that I will not be purchasing any more Samsung phones  in the future as their warranty is not worth the paper that it's written on.

It's absolutely disgusting the amount of money that they have charged for this phone.

I am just too busy with work and family life to commit any more time to deal with Samsung because it's  like banging my head against a brick wall.  SAMSUNG YOU HAVE LET US DOWN AND YOU DON'T DESERVE OUR CUSTOM !