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Z Flip 4 bezel issue

(Topic created on: 13-12-2022 10:29 AM)
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I received my Z Flip 4 around 2 months ago after upgrading from the note 10+. 
I noticed last week that the small rubber bumber on the lower right of the bezel/ screen has fallen out so the phone now makes a clanking noise when closed. 

I spoke to Samsung about it and they said it would be classed as physical damage and I'd have to pay for a whole new screen. I declined the offer as the screen is fine.

I was wondering if this issue has happened to anyone else and if they managed to find a replacement part/ fix? 

Thank you 

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I don't think there's a specific part available. It would need the bezel replaced.
Trouble is, it's highly likely that the screen can get damaged in the process. So replacing it all would be what they'd do.
Also, Samsung replace the phones battery as well when replacing the screen. Probably as its all part of the kit that all comes together.

There maybe a third party company that can try replacing just the bezel, but be prepared if the screen is damaged
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Hi @Robbeee 

So right now at this point you have an assessment from what you've been told by an Samsung Representative over the phone.

I'd suggest to let a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store take a hands on look.

They'll properly assess the phone and advise.

Do you still have the rubber part ? Maybe it'll affix back in if they want to charge a fee.

That or look to see if you can acquire a rubber part to fit.

You shouldn't have to really but if Samsung don't reconsider a cost then it could be a viable alternative  🤔

If you have the work carried out by a non authorised engineer then the remaining manufacturer warranty would become voided.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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Hi @Robbeee ,

I had exactly the same issue. I think this is really a bad point of this phone. I didn't have a flip before this one, always had galaxy S. I hope they will find another way to dampen the closing of the screen for the future.


On the other hand, I was really disappointed by my exchanges with samsung support about this issue.

I spoke to different people and I am not sure yet if the IPX8 certification is still ok without the bezels (both of mines are gone).

Second, I cannot figure out why this has to be a complete screen changing. We are talking about a very small piece of rubber that was just glued on the edge of the screen...


So can anyone answer that? Is the IPX8 still ok without the bezels?