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USB C to 3.5mm Audio Fading in?

(Topic created on: 27-07-2023 10:15 AM)
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I need your help!
I bought a new Flip 4 a few weeks ago and needed to buy an adapter to use my wired headphones. 
I first bought a lower brand adapter which worked fine for listening but the mic was producing an awful, loud white static noise, blocking all voice input.

I then decided to order a Samsung Adapter, which came in yesterday. The mic is working now, and listening to spotify is fine too, however, I encountered a problem when listening to audio language lessons on the Pimsleur app.
Audio lessons work in a way that they pronounce a word or sentence, and then there's a few seconds of complete silence for you to repeat. 

When listening to these lessons with my headphones and adapter, the sound would fade in after every small silence, cutting of one or two words of the sentence, making the app unusable. (it's like the adapter goes to sleep after 2 seconds of no sound?? the audio works fine when using the phone's speaker)

I tore through the settings trying to find a crossfade option, seperate app audio, battery saving options, audio optimization, but found nothing.
Considering the problem wasnt there with the lower grade adapter so I'm wondering if there even is a fix or if it comes from the adapter itself. 
Thanks to anyone who would be able to give me some info!