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the durability of z flip 3

(Topic created on: 01-01-2022 12:49 PM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
I just got the z flip 3 and I am questioning the durability of the hinge because I saw many issues with it and I am afraid my screen will break
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
Have had mine for 3 months and so far 🤞 have had no problem with it. I don't do any one handed " flipping " to open / close it - just open / close it gently with both hands
Samsung Maker ★★
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip

I at first thought the same about the Fold³ I purchased a few months ago now @idflip 

So far it's standing up very well.

Yes some people will have issues with their phone's whether it's a Flip, Fold or candy bar look phone.

And on the flip side ( no pun intended :winking-face: ) some won't.

Daily Driver > Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256Gb in Phantom Black.

The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
I'm here to help.

Samsung Maker ★
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
The Z Flip 3 will be strong enough
I had the first Flip phone. That thing I used to flick open like a star trek communicator all the time.
I dropped it loads of times as well. Accidentally of course.
No issues with the hinge or screen.
The Z Flip 3 is much stronger now and any issues the first one had have been ironed out.
Like @BandOfBrothers, I now have a Z Fold 3. It holds up brilliantly.
Just keep it away from fine sand and it will last for ages.
Don't worry too much about it and just enjoy that brilliant phone.