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Samasung & TMT First finally admit to Gasslighting Me

(Topic created on: 14-11-2022 03:34 AM)
A quick brief outline.
Just added some photos. This is what TMT FIrst and Samsung said was my new Z Flip 4.






For Approximately 2 weeks now i have been on here trying to get Samsung onboard and escalate an issue with a Brand new Z Flip 4, which I purchased from the Samsung online store, as i had tried on to no avail with the void that is Samsungs Customer care.
1. Purchased the phone on the 22 October 2022. And the Phone arrived a few days later. My first impressions was that it was a great bit of kit and my only regret was maybe i should have purchased the Fold as i am extremly visually impaired, but then again this screen Seemed sufficient and as a bonus it fitted snuggly into a shirt pocket.

2. Friday 28th October. First day taking my phone on a Business trip. Whilst on the train and subtly showing my new bit of kit off to my work colleagues, whilst showing pictures of my granddaughter, i noticed a light grey line accross the centre of the screen at the fold. I was a little concerened and whilst searching online with my phone for what this is the Mysterious grey line could be, it turned jet black. Then this black line started to spill over 60% of the screen. I knew i had an issue and the phone would need to be returned to Samsung when i get home. As mentioned earlier, i was not overly concerned because i had purchased the phone directly from Samsung, And not son unscrupulous 3rd party.

3. Monday 31 Ocober 2022. Contacted Samsung and was told because my phone was "bespoke" I had to return the phone to them for Analysis, and once completed they could authorise a replacement and it would only take a couple of days. As i had already purchased a cheap Nokia phone whilst on the Business trip for calls, and that i was also working from home for the next fortnight, it wasnt going to be any great hardship, and i agreed to send it back to them.

4. Tuesday 1 November 2022. As the nearest store was 40 miles away i decided to use the Samsung pickup service, so i Packed my phone and as advised, i supplied a copy of my invoice also. DPD came nice and Early and i handed him the phone, which he duly took pictures of and off he went. A lot of hassle, but it is what it is, and i will have another phone in a couple of days. Or so i thought. 

5. Thursday 10 November 2022. After numerous phone calls and being told by Samsung that it may take a little longer and tracking my phone progress online, which was showing "being rpaired". I was advised that my phone did not warrant a replacement or repair because they had received photographs that my phone had showed signs of "Physical Damage". I refuted this and asked if they could send me the Photos, only to be told, and i quote "i am not Admin" and i would need to Contact the service centre direct. So i asked for the Number and was given a Number starting with 01782, which i knew was a Stoke on Trent Dialing code, surely Samsung didnt send my phone 300 miles for a diagnostic. So I queried this only to be told That it was sent to one of their "partners"
And the name of this Company was TMT First.

6. Friday 11 November. I called TMT First and waited 2 hours for an answer and requested that they send the Photos to me, which they did whilst i was still on the call. The photos arrived and the first 2 photos was definetly the phone i returned. The other 4 We're definitely not my phone and not even the same model. Showing Punture holes scrapes and excessive waer and tear. I Told the lady on the phone in no uncertain terms that this was a scam to distort money from me, and i was advised that i would need to take this up with Samsung.

So i called Samsung and demanded Escalation. Which i have asked for in past calls and been advised it would be between 2 and 5 days for an escallation callback, depending on who answered the call. This is what i was told. 
We cannot overturn a decision on a repair.
The camera is really sensitive and you wouldnt see the holes with the naked eye.
Looks like you have closed the Flip with something inside. It could have been a coin or keys.

At this point Samsung broke me, and went out and bought another phone, which is actually older than the phone i traded in, but i couldnt justify spending even more money on a phone, just before Christmas at a cost £330. 
 So i demanded a full refund for the sale of faulty goods and quoted the consumers rights act 2015. I was told they couldnt start that process until i get the phone back from TMT First, so i asked for this to be noted on my account. 
So i sent an email to TMT First. Advising that i will not be requiring a repair as i have asked for a full refund, therfore as a matter of urgency could they return my phone to me ASAP.
After my 3rd email request for the return of the goods, i received this responce from TMT.

Hi Gerry 

I have some great news.
It looks like this has been re-assessed Internally and will be completed under a warranty repair.

7. So after a fortnight with Samsung & TMT First have gaslighting me in a one sided tag team wrestling match. They have agreed that they have been bullying the consumer. I have obviously declined the reapair and requested the phone be returned. I will make a prediction now, that this phone will either be returned repaired, or will go Mysteriously missing in the post, as they have been caught telling lies. 

8. So We have mediators on here, and instead of sending generic messages with links that lead nowhere. I request that you escalte this message to a higher level and ask someone to contact me, as i will not let go of this matter. I am currently creating a story for social media, i have contacted local press and i will touch base with trading standards when i return from a trip this Friday 18th November. After that date i will procede with the actions advised. As i feel i cannot ignore this and must warn as may people as i can about this Scam from TMT First, that Samsung are well aware of, as all you need to do is look at the company reviews. 

Hope to hear from you soon.


Loyal Ex-customer
What a sad story after buying a new phone and what a Drama to go through, so sorry to hear that

Reading the posts here  one doesn't need to be a Sherlock Holmes to understand that there is fraud taking place at Samsung's Trade In an old phone centre and at Insurance related repair/Rerun places

I am a first time Samsung customer and I am very proud to say I am a Last time Samsung customer too

My customer services experiences are positive but I am not much happy with the quality of the products, Particularly watch 5 pro has no adequate 3rd party support for health and fitness and Samsung's native software is in 17th century

All the best and thanks for the share
I was starting to think i was going crazy over the last 2 weeks.
TMT First a third party have a massive insentive, they have a contract with Samsung for a repaur at minmal cost under Warranty, but if they lie and say there is "Physical Damge" they can demabd ten times that from the Samsung Customer. The CEO of TMT spoke ito the Business Press in Jsnuary 2020, that he will double the companies turnover. Which he did even though we entered a world panademic.. How did he do this, by conning money out of Samsungs Customers.

Users allover the world are facing this:

please sign this petition to address this :

Samsung Members Star ★
TMT are crooks and Samsung play ignorance passing the buck
Regards Obsydian - (Car & Tech Evangelist)

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Thank you so much for writing this!!! I’m suffering the same treatment with my Frame TV. It has brutal backlight bleeding and Samsung and their licences service provider say the TV is preforming normally and there is nothing wrong with.    Does this look normal? 



 neither of these images are supposed to be dappled. Yet they say the TV is working as it’s supposed to. Am I crazy?








Finally got my money back. But i will now be looking for compensation for the stress & time i have been fighting this this fraud. Not to mention my trade in phone that i lost or Samsung case bought at the same time.
I hate hearing this bad service from Samsung. I am a bit of a loyal customer. But am sure I will end up with so.e drama in time.

Bought? Hardly decipherable. Samsung doesn’t stand behind their products nor do the care about their customers. You’re a case of misplaced loyalty. The only Samsung products I would buy, and only at at a discount, would be SSDs and batteries. They can shove the rest of what they offer. Just look at their website! From a tech company!!! WTF!

First Poster
I woke one morning and my phone screen had a white line down it sent it back to Vodafone they said my phone was scratched which it wasn't it was still under warranty they wouldn't fix it unless I paid 3 hundred and 88 pounds I had to pay it and all now I don't have no scratches on my phone samsung flip phone does anyone know who to speak to about this I know its part of the scamming