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Galaxy z fold phone screen protector

(Topic created on: 28-03-2022 01:18 PM)
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hi I had my phone for Christmas then end of February I noticed a cracking noise when I opened the phone, I had a closer look and the screen protector is coming away, it is getting worse now. I have contacted Kings Cross branch various times who do not have any screen protectors and currently can not get any, what do I do??? 

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Hi @Members_ALYIfCx 


The same happened to my Samsung Fold³ unfortunately.

A small bubble appeared at the bottom of the crease and it travelled up the entire length of the crease quite quickly.

From reading other posts here and elsewhere when an owner has approached a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store it appears they are not set up to deal with replacing this particular screen protector in house.

Some owners have reported they sent the Fold³ back to Samsung to just have a new screen protector fitted,  and Samsung ended up replacing the whole screen and battery.

I didn't want to put my phone through that and as the screen protector on the Fold³ can be removed without affecting the Samsung 2 year limited manufacturers warranty so this is what I did.

The caveat is if the screen is damaged by tbe act of peeling off tbe screen protector then Samsung say that will void the warranty but after watching YouTube creators videos of them removing it I found the removal is as easy as removing any phone's tpu plastic screen protector.

Now obviously this leaves the phone without a screen protector.

3rd party accessory manufacturers such as Whitestone Dome sell a film type screen protector but they do look tricky to fit.

I removed mine many months ago and now use it without one which hasn't affected the phone.

So it's a personal choice to which route to take.

You could keep on with contacting the outlet you have to get updates or contact Samsung via or 03307267467 and ask for support.

You could also see if the Samsung Doorstep Repair Team can help however from some recent threads they were not set up either to replace it and the Samsung system wanted to levy a charge as it instigated a damaged screen option to choose. That said have a look as it may have changed.

Please do let us know how you get on.

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