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Free gift with flip 4

(Topic created on: 08-11-2022 01:41 AM)
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My adult daughter is autistic and has been very unwell for about a month now the whole time she had no phone... Now I finally managed to sort her first contract in her name going from her account but she was desperate for her device so didn't look at dates for free gifts as it was advertised to me via email... So told my daughter about the ear buds of tablet... Now the contract she got started on the 30 of October.... So she was two days from tablet and a month to late for ear buds... Which I have just realised... What am I going to say to her and explain why she is not getting a free gift give me a answer please Samsung as we love your products but I don't even understand why she can't get any free gifts x

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Promotions via Samsung or the Network's themselves all come with strict eligibility Terms and Conditions with a start and end date for the promotion @Joguppy40 

I myself once missed out by one day on a Samsung promotion.

I did see in later threads that some people were still in their cooling off period so returned the phone for a refund and started again to be able to be eligible for a promotion.

I appreciate some people are out of the cooling off period so cannot go down this route.

I appreciate the circumstances in regards to your daughter.

My young Grandson is on the Autistic Spectrum too.

Only you know how to explain and discuss what's happened with your daughter as you'll know how to approach this as to how she will best understand.w

Be truthful.

Various sales will be coming up duw to the time of year so the earbuds or tablets in question maybe put at a lesser price to take advantage of. I can't guarantee this obviously.

Have you checked out the Samsung Boost App for offers you maybe abke to take advantage of ? 

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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