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Fold Warranty Issue

(Topic created on: 04-04-2023 08:55 PM)
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Bought a Fold 3 back in November 2021. In the Summer of 2022, a black line appeared down the inner screen, which was bleeding across the right screen, which was also frozen.  Spoke to Samsung and within 4 days, I had the phone back fully repaired and all work was covered by the warranty.

Last month (March 2023), exactly the same line appeared and the right screen was frozen out again, so before it started to bleed out again, I sent the phone for repair. This time they want over £500 to fix it!!??  It's mean't to have a 2 year guarantee ***** 😠

The phone has never been out of the case and has never been dropped. Apart from the inner screen failure, it is 'as new.'

Anyone else have this, and did they manage to dispute this successfully? I'm still paying for the phone until November


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Repair warranty is usually just for the work done. So maybe just for a limited time.
Did they give you a reason you have to pay for the repair if not covered by warranty.
If you don't have insurance on the phone.
Some bank accounts include insurance for breakages like phones as a perk.
You can also see if your house insurance will cover the repair on home contents like phones
Worth a look into
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Hi @Members_9Omh4uk 

What has the Samsung Service Centre advised in regards to the issue and why they won't be able to effect a free repair ?

i.e Accidental damage etc.

They'll always advise if they can't repair inder the Limited 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty and give the option of paying a fee or return the phone as is.

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