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Fold 5 - Sleep issues regarding use of mobile

(Topic created on: 23-10-2023 02:52 AM)

Hi All,

Not sure if this a one off, but my previous Fold 2 was great, so migrated up to Fold 5. See if this is also happening with you guys, after 6-8 weeks using the mobile I started getting sleep distributions at night, the more I used the mobile the worse it got, sometimes no sleep, 1hr, 3hrs or 5hrs at night. Tried everything to reducing brightness, extra dim, night light [switched on adjusted nothing) and other outside factors, none worked. 

Found out the Fold 5 has greater intensity of light emmitted to see front screen. I decided to try a product for the Fold 5 using nanotechnology to reduce the impact of intensity of the blue light emitted by 40%. I have attached a photo of this product, so van research about it and find where to get product, to this try, if you are having issues as me, not promising it will work for you, but at least you can try to see if any difference. After using this, my sleep patterns improved with getting sleep times of 6 - 8 hrs. Before this I wasn't getting any adequate sleep for 4 mths, effects you during day. 

Anyway if you aren't having any issues with your 5 Fold, then great. If you suddenly find you are having sleep issues since you got this phone, it may help you. Not sure if help others, as could be associated to other factors. Anyway good luck, if this works for you.