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fold 4 mic 1 not working

(Topic created on: 02-02-2023 10:49 PM)
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so i got the fold 4 day one and November mic one does not work its been to the repair places 4 times they had it for 3 months total  and cant fine the problem , Samsung have said they wont offer or repayment as its over 28 days they told me i have to keep sending it to the repairer place but its a 3rd party Samsung use and they damaged the spine second time and not fix that as they were told , also Samsung say there shop online is not under the same rules as there repair side as there different company's , so i have not had a working phone and they wont or cant fix it any one having mic 1 problems it makes a hissing sound never been dropped as fair as i know as the centre did damage it        

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Can you clarify @Members_4rlhED7 


Did you send the phone to a Repair Centre to be fixed that's not an authorised Samsung Service Centre ?


Or did you send the phone to Samsung and they sent the phone to this repair centre ?

When phone has been owned for a certain amount of days Samsung can only offer a Repair and not a replacement.

This cooling off period maybe different in other regions.

You say as far as your aware it hasn't been dropped. Is there a chance it has had an accidental bump  🤔 

I wish you all the best with this.

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