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Fold 3 speaker Issue

(Topic created on: 27-04-2023 04:01 AM)
Fold 3 sound problem
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I experienced a black spot on the fold's display after the first 8 months. Samsung's service center replaced the display, but after another 7 months, I began experiencing speaker problems on both the fold and unfold modes. My purchase of the fold was based on trust, but experiencing these types of issues in only a year and a half is very pathetic. The service team is now saying that they need to change the display or possibly resolve a wire issue. I also own Samsung Flip and Ultra phones, so I am wondering if there is any way you guys can help me resolve this issue without having to pay anything. If the issue cannot be resolved, I will have no choice but to cut ties with Samsung and inform my colleagues and friends of the situation, advising them to move away from Samsung. There are good phones available from Apple's iPhone line. Galaxy Z Fold3 5G  

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I'm sorry to hear of the issues your facing with your phone.
You will still need to go through a Samsung Service Centre. The Team here are unable to intercede.
Your phone is covered by a limited 2 year Manufacturers Warranty.
If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care. 😎

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