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Fold 3 main screen protector

(Topic created on: 29-10-2021 02:46 PM)
Hey all so I've been wondering whether or not to remove the supplied screen protector from the main display of the fold 3. Way I see it is that the screen is protected anyway when it needs to be as the phone is folded, and I'm wondering whether you get a better experience, less of a crease etc after removing the protector. However I've seen conflicting posts, some saying that Samsung void warranty if you remove it, some saying it can not even be removed, and others saying they've removed it and looks and feels much better!
Anyone have any experience on this?
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May as well wave goodbye to the warranty if its removed.
Although some have removed it, to put a different type of protector on. Some have damaged the screen removing it. Especially if you don't take it off properly.
In the long run not having it, you will end up with scratches etc.
Personally I wouldn't risk it.
But it's upto you
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Hello @Poxona 


Removing the factory fitted screen protector  on the Fold 3 will not void your 2 year manufacturing warranty.

But If you damage the screen while removing the factory fitted screen protector then that will void your warranty.


I've seen multiple YouTube videos and spoken with people who have removed it and all have looked and said it's an easy process. Just take care.

Yes the phone Folds but take into account it does not fold tightly shut so dust etc can get in onto the screen.

Some have reported that removing the screen protector makes the phones display nicer to use and less of a fingerprint magnet.

Some have fitted the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector after removing the factory  fitted screen protector, and like this more as its glass instead of plastic. Using one wont invalidate your manufacturing warranty.

Personally I'm leaving mine on the phone as I find it good quality and does not feel like plastic to me, it feels like Glass.

I'll only replace it through wear and tear through continued usage if I have to.

Removing the factory fitted screen protector won't change the way the crease looks.

However after some time of using the phone and looking at the screen display head on i.e the natural way to look at the inner screen the crease mostly blends in, and I basically look past it.

I now only really notice it when I'm touching the display to navigate around and my finger slides across the crease.

Hope that helps.

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