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Blocking someone who keeps changing their number - without blocking people who previously called but I did not add to contacts

(Topic created on: 13-06-2024 04:40 PM)
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So here is the situation... I have someone who I keep blocking but then this person keeps getting a new phone number & calling. 

At the same time, I also have people that I have never added to my contact list but have called in the past (so you can see their number in the phone's history) & I would like to receive calls from in the future....

I will be blunt - I do not want to add these other people to my contacts but I still want calls from them to come through.

So the question is...

How can I block calls from phone numbers that have NEVER called me in the past.  While at the same time also NOT block callers who are not on my contact list but have called me in the past?

If this is not possible, its ok to say so... please do not spam me with "Just add people to your contact list & block ALL unknown numbers" - I can figure that out, I just want a different solution.

Thank you everyone!

Are you on the run ?

Sorry, none of my business.

I don't think it's possible unfortunately, not in the way it looks like you want it to be. Without knowing your circumstances, it does look logical to add previous callers to a contact list, you know who's calling you then and can decide whether to answer or not.
The other thing you've hopefully considered is if someone changes their number or if an important call may be blocked.

Presumably you're blocking text messages too ?

I suppose if you're phone is dual SIM you could achieve something by giving only your trusted numbers a new number of yours, blocking everything else on your new SIM, and blocking everything on the old one
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I use a app called "should I Answer". Members report spam numbers that go on a negative list. Negative listed numbers don't therefore get through etc. It's very useful and works with both calls and text.
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My advice would be to speak with the Police if this situation is as serious as you write via being hattassed / stalked. 

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