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Android 12's "Material You" ruins the aesthetics of Samsung products

(Topic created on: 14-06-2022 03:00 AM)
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I lost myself for a day to a newly acquired Flip z 3 5G phone. I went through Smart Switch, customization of settings, and eventually, an update to Android 12. Little did I know. And now I'm re-doing Smart Switch after factory reset just to get back to Android 11.

How long will Samsung keep updating One UI on Android 11?

The problem with Android 12 on Samsung phone is that it makes a premium - I mean, the absolute top of the smartphone segment for Android - phones look both like made for children or elderly.

You can either describe Android 12 UI as childish, immature toy-like, or as an oversized monster for elderly and visually impaired people.

Google's choice, but why does it dictate such a tremendous decrease of aesthetics on a customized firmware? Surely Samsung doesn't have to put down with this, and can have its own say in the quality versus fad argument?

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Samsung use Beta Testers who sign up to test out the new version before sending out the update to relevant regions and phone's. 

At that stage people have the opportunity to put across their viewpoints and bugs reports.

Obviously Samsung can only do so much with their Samsung One Ui skin because as you state it's Google that produce Android Software.

People can change certain aspects of the phone's look with it being open sourced so options like a 3rd party launcher such as Nova Prime and Samsungs own Goodlock and it's various modules can be used to mix things up too.

I appreciate your viewpoint on this.👍

I actually remember when I used to own iPhones that owners called the iOS Ui " fisherprice " due to how it looked.

For me I've no issues with Andriod 12 and Samsung One Ui 4.1 but I appreciate we're not all the same and want different aspects , features and functions.

It's conceivable that Samsung may have some input. 🤔

You could send some feedback to Samsung via your Samsung Members App too.

And send feedback to Google.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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Stock Android 12 without One UI 4.1 looks great. The issue arises from One UI applying elements of older Android OS and legacy shape icons and folders.