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3rd party apps for external screen

(Topic created on: 20-12-2021 11:32 AM)
Galaxy Z Fold | Z Flip
Anyone know if Samsung a planning to allow 3rd party apps on the external screen? There are loads of opportunities this could open up to have avoid constantly opening and closing the phone!

This is very much wasted at the moment as the most useful thing is does is allow you to send pre-set replies to messages! I know it would be janky, but a tiny keyboard would be incredibly useful when all you want to send is a quick, short message!

Also I do not understand why there is no way to access contacts and make calls from the external screen!? Voice search doesn't work for English names with different spellings for some reason?? You would think "Damien" would be recognised but I always get a "contact not found" message, plus I have many contacts with the same name (for work) and I don't always know their last names! This just seems like a really simple thing.. even if you have to touch the fingerprint scanner to approve the call! Obviously this is something that would be useful for people with headphones or using loudspeaker.