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Yellow Tint on screen

(Topic created on: 01-12-2020 03:13 PM)
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I have Galaxy S9+ with yellowish tint.


Tried these:

1. Downloaded Google Play Books and turn off Night Light (It wasn't even turned on in the first place)

2. Turn off Blue Light Filter

3. Turned off/on Adaptive Brightness

4. Adjusted White Balance (Nothing changes whatever adjustment I have done)

5. Turned on Always on Display then double click on lock screen (First, this method helped me, but then it just came back, and this method doesn't work anymore, whenever it's background is black, the screen is normal, but then when other color interferes, it just shows yellow tint again)


What I have discovered:

1. Using Oled display helped the screen to become normal again but this is draining battery and I want to find out what's happening on my phone.

2. Whenever the screen brightness is adjusted to too low, the screen is back to normal, and when it is at its brightest, it's also normal, but then when it is adjusted in between the limits and minimums, the yellow tint is back. 


Hope someone who has knowledge would help.


It seems that changing the display is the only solution available at present. I have explored several options but could not make any breakthrough.

Samsung service center is maintaining that its display issue. I was informed in India that it will cost some 150 USDs to replace the display.  I have got the same changed in local market with cost of 50 USDs and is working fine now. Ofcourse, they have changed the screen from some other used phone. For new display, they have asked for 100 USDs. If your phone is used only for few years and battery is good, you may explore getting it fixed in local market. Else, go for new phone with better features available now

First Poster

I have found a quick solution for this but it don't solve the complete problem

Just tap once on the screen while it is locked the time will appear then if you open the lock you're good to go 

But the tint appears again if you lock again

maybe some software glitch