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This is how Samsung is creating worst enemies from their own customers!

(Topic created on: 25-06-2019 11:01 PM)

1. I purchased S9+ for about a year ago. I always used galaxy phones because of their camera and PRO mode for videos. That is ONLY Samsung feature that WAS better than in other brands.


2. With Pie update Samsung STOLE my PRO video mode that I paid 1.000 USD for.


3. After endless, pointless complaints and requests that Samsung give back what we paid for.... half a year later they just don't care and I can't wait anymore.


4. Therefore I decided to flush my phone and downgrade to Oreo.


5. Then I found out  that Samsung blocked  that option in the last security updates and that only way to try to  still do that is to root the phone first.


6. So I tried to learn how to root the phone first.... just to find out that my phone, because it is purchased in the US, CAN'T BE ROOTED EITHER!!!!! 




They are making absolutely sure to totally block any possible steps that people can do to protect what they paid for and stop Samsung to steal from them!

They are making sure to totally ***** off and make their customers so furious and outrageous not only to lose them forever but also to make them the worst enemies!


7.  And for the end it gets even better. Besides the fact that they made sure I can't fix this garbage in any possible way.

They even blocked  third party apps to access camera features.

I found out that after purchasing filmic pro. All the features that samsung stole from camera are also blocked for third party apps.


- So, this is what I get for 1.000 USD that I gave to Samsung???? (I am not even counting S3, Note 4, S5, S6, S7 and S8 that I purchased in the past) Ripped nervs, stress and anger??? 

Being robbed by Samsung? 


Also I am losing my money because CAMERA is very important for my business! I need to be able to send proper videos of my product to my customers and I can't do that without PRO options with white ballance and other features which allows me to capture real colors. 



WTH Samsung wants to accomplish with this self destructive behavior?????

Of course they will not care about this post either... why would they I am just a customer that their bank account depends on....