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first you guys confirms one ui 2.1 on s9 and note 9 devices

(Topic created on: 24-04-2020 06:56 AM)
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ok, moderators, first you tell us that Samsung will provide the one ui 2.1 to s9 and note 9 devices then after scraping the idea then again you tell us that we are working on the one ui 2.1 to s9 and note 9, now again you scrap the idea would you mind to tell us why you guys are doing this whats the purpose of doing such things, moreover the note 10 lite which has the same chipset is getting one ui 2.1 but we can't have it because we aren't eligible even having the same chipset as the note 10 lite probably I can tell that you guys don't wanna give it because you simply wanted to discriminate the flagship that's all, even having the same chipset at note 10 lite you cant give the one ui 2.1 to s9 and note 9 moreover you took the major feature from s9 and note 9 that is the pro video mode now don't wanna give because we don 't deserve it pathetic simply say goodbye to Samsung for your every wrong decision why cant we have one ui 2.1 to s9 and note 9 you guys took feature now refusing to give us for what reason, you removed the pro video mode without giving any particular reason now refusal to provide it back 


I have now understood that I shouldn't trust Samsung anymore you guys are only expert in removing features that's it, I completely lost the trust in Samsung  I have learnt the lesson that you guys make flagship less useful with each update so that you can market new devices by removing features that's it. 


give one ui 2.1 to s9 and note 9 devices there is no faulty reason to give one ui 2.1 to s9 and note 9, don't give an *****ic answer that its too old what, it's not android update its ui update what sort of problem with this you guys have it simply says that you guys are not good at doing business and providing good customer support, creating controversy will  defame the business, furthermore if you have such behaviour to customers then its better to switch brands and never come back to this any more