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SO Still not on Android Pie

(Topic created on: 21/04/20 23:27)
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Galaxy S9 Series

Currently still on Android 8. Why have I not received update for Android 9 /(Pie).


Current version - G960FXXS2BRI1/G960FOXM2BRG8/G960FXXS2BRI1

How can I get onto version 9. 

Superuser I
Superuser I
Galaxy S9 Series

Hi @dizzicow 


Different scenarios can affect a phones update cycle.


1. The phone has reached it's maximum number of major firmware updates. This is usually two.


2. The phone has been bought from a Network and as such usually a network wants to test updates before letting Samsung send them out.


3. The phone has been imported from another country which can result in very slow updates and in some cases no update at all.


4. Updates are sent out in waves deoendsnt on country of origin, build and serial number.


Best practice is to periodically check the update section in the phones settings.


Samsung Smartswitch is another route.


One very final resort is to look at a Custom Rom.

Xdadevelopers is a good site to learn about the pros and cons of performing this procedure.


Disclaimer 》 

Using a Custom Rom can bring about an unstable phone or it may not work properly if the process glitches or the wrong Rom is used.

A person takes full responsibility if they perform.this process and do so at their own informed decision. Samsung would levy a charge to put this right.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 


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Samsung One Ui 3.1/ Android 11.