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Don't play pool with phone in your poket!!!

(Topic created on: 01-12-2019 02:29 PM)
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Hello comunity


I have a big advice for evrybody, you know that gorila glass that is very resistant? No it dosen't especialy on the edge, i played pool with my phone in my poket and i had a dificult shot that mean i was very close to the table and becoause it was pressed the screen broke, it should be mutch more resistant but it dosent, and i have protection on screen (Shield).


It is made to broke very easy, i want to open a topic of what stupid things happend that broke your phone, obiusly they're not so resistant.

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If force is applied on the phone wether it be a Samsung phone or another make that stress can cause damage @AndyPax 


It makes me cringe when I see people walking around with their phones in their back pocket and bend or sit down on it !


A drop even at low level hitting the phone on an angle can cause issues. It all depends on the way / angle it hits etc.


Curved edges on the screen can certainly be a weak point if it hits on it.


I personally use a Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector and a dbrand Black Dragon back skin and a Samsung Black Leather Case to provide minimalist protection along with adequate insurance.



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