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s9 plus refuses to update. samsung dont message back

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I have so plus. It stopped updating and samsung dont help. Iam dyieng on stage 4 cancer and really need an optimal phone, as in bed. No one helps for months. It updated Oct. Last year. Now nothing, despite it saying automatic update and tried manual
Hello, sorry to learn about your health. May you be granted comfort and peace..!
When you say it stopped updating, I am assuming you mean that it is showing an available update, but it failed part way through the OTA (Over The Air) automatic update. If that is the case, you can use Samsung Switch Software to recover, reset then complete the update.
To do this, you will need a Computer with Samsung Smart Switch installed on it. The Smart Switch app is pre installed on the S9.
You may need someone to assist you with the procedure.
1. Run Smart Switch on both the Computer and the Phone.
2. Use the cable that came with the phone to connect it to the Computer.
3. Once connected, the Smart Switch on the Computer will recognise the connected phone.
4. Smart Switch on the Computer will check the phone and should inform you of the failed update.
5. It should then present you with an option to recover the update. Accept the option and follow the instructions, then it should do the rest for you.
6. Wait for it to finish and your phone will be restored.
I hope this helps.
Please someone correct me if my instructions are wrong.
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