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How to control video settings without the pro mode in S10?


Hi, I have just received my Galaxy S10. I have been using Galaxy phones since the S4, only for recording videos (math lessons), I received my calls with an old Huawei. However, with the Galaxy S10, I can not use the pro mode for recording videos. There is no way to control de focus, white balance, focus, exposure.


I have tried with different apps, however, they don't record at 4K with 60 fps. What can I do???. I don't think Samsung is going to give me my money back. I should have bought another phone :( sadly :(


Any app for recording at 60 fps 4K with the S10????

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Samsung remove this feature on S9 Plus too with Android Pie and One Ui.
I want back this feature,i hope the Samsung bring back the pro mode on video.
You can use the Filmic Pro for your pro video mode,is very nice and professional app,you can shoot on log or flat profile and many other features
I use this app and i am very satisfied!

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