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region locked

(Topic created on: 05-03-2024 02:20 PM)

I bought a Samsung S23 (some stupid model) from an authorized famous dealer in Israel (KSP and warranty provided by Cell Now Ltd). I was using a sim card of We4G and Hot mobiles from Israel for 3 months without any hassle. All of a sudden while I was travelling with the mobile, for support of transactions and other things, inside Israel itself it got region-locked.

Then I went through documents-- the mobile was specified for the Malaysia region. how come the customer who is paying their money here is responsible for this issue? If Samsung don't want to sell it in another market they should put a label on the outside that it does not work outside Malaysia, why should they let it sell in other markets? why has Samsung not been able to detect this problem for 3 months and Samsung customer care says that my warranty provider locks it? how does a mobile company permit the seller to access my mobile- believe the mobile is manufactured by Samsung?

There is a big privacy breach here? what else samsung has been given to the seller like access to my credit card details? why not I doubt? how come the laws of the countries allow such things.... after payment mobile is mine..... If something is legal to buy, why is all this happening?

It looks like people should not buy Samsung mobiles from anywhere else except Samsung stores. Or the Samsung mobile sellers are doing illegal stuff! It does mean people who travel abroad should not believe Samsung Mobile.


Please dont, give any ***** as a reply saying sorry it is Samsung policy bla bla bla and it is the customer's responsibility---- as if all mobile buyers go with a lawyer to purchase mobile phones! If there is a solution please reply or let the content be there.. so that other customers will go with a proper lawyer to buy Samsung mobiles to read all your documents which are inside the box which customers can open after paying the money .

Something suspicious about your post, firstly Samsung devices are region locked, meaning Samsung doesn't sell smartphones in countries they are not made for and they don't authorise it. Companies and consumers can import handsets from other countries but they might not realise that they won't work in their home country.

Secondly Samsung doesn't give your imei number to other companies. When you insert a sim card your network provider automatically gets the imei number for security reasons and any insurance company also gets your imei from you the user or from your network provider. This is standard practice for all smartphones.

If your smartphones been locked for usage then it usually means that it has been reported stolen or your bill hasn't been paid or you haven't sent your trade in device in. However if only some things no longer work and it is region locked then KSP are responsible for this and not Samsung. They have sold you an import device not the official one from your region. It's the same if I buy an American handset I know 5g and Samsung pay will not work in the UK with an UK sim card.

My advice is take it back to KSP and ask for a refund.