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Problems subcribing to multiple boosts with Samsung S23 Ultra

(Topic created on: 17-11-2023 09:42 PM)

I have recently purchased a Samsungs S23 Ultra and this evening I tried to enable some of the boosts.

When I tried Disney+ the first time it I had an issue with my bank but I was able to authorise it a second time.

However when it just kept spinning on the page.

So eventually I reloaded the page and tried again but then I kept getting an error, which said I need to contact my bank.

So I tried PayPal but that came up with the same erorr.

I then tried another bank I use but that too came up with the same error.

Then I tried Adobe Lightroom Premium but I got the error Something went wrong. Please try again after some time.

I think I got Microsoft 365 to work though.

I am still working my way through the any others I might want to try to see if they work.

Does anyone have any suggestions. It would seem odd to need to contact two different banks.

I don't think I have an existing Adobe account so not sure what is causing the issue. I am in the UK.

Update: The YouTube one just copies the code and does nothing else. Doesn't go anywhere. I'm not having much luck So I restarted boost and this time I got to the next screen but after signing in, everytime I click on Try it free, the button flashes and nothing happens.

So that is 1 out of 4 success rate so far and I haven't finished going through the boost offers yet. I think I will give up for now and try again tomorrow.


I eventually got the Disney+ 12 months to work when accessing the offer via my Chrome browser. No idea if something changed or the Samsung browser just didn't work with it, even though it was the one I was directed to.

So I went back to the Samsung browser to try the YouTube offer and no it didn't work. So it seems the default browser for Boost doesn't work with most of the offers when you try to sign up.

Well the YouTube one doesn't even work on the Chrome browser. When I click Try it Free, nothing happens other than the button flashes. Actually it's a spinning circle and not a flashing button but still nothing happens.

It's always been like that for a few years now, don't know why they brought it out. Some people keep trying with various browsers and eventually get it but it's a pain 😪
Some of these are also time limited and expire. And others are only available if you have never used a promotional code before.

I found that YouTube premium wouldn't work for me... as I had used a premium code promotion last year for the same account.

Additionally I waited too long for one or two of the others that are now expired.

Light room you can access the 2 month premium from within their app... so the boost method seems to be flawed... but just go into light room and you will see the link to subscribing.

The galaxy store credit... be aware that the code may work, but if you don't use the credit within 2 months that it disappears. This also needs to be used in one single purchase again a software purchase.

I did get disney and the magazine subscription working though.
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Thanks for the replies. I hadn't noticed the Galaxy store credit. I will seek that out.

No joy with the Lightroom. I will probably need to ask Adobe but not sure if I am bothered. I use other apps, I purchased in the past to do some photo stuff. I accept Lightroom will most likely be better than those though.

I got everything else I've tired so far, working. I only got the phone around 10 days ago.

Whilst I knew about Disney+, I hadn't been expecting the rest of the offers though.

I found the store credit under Games. I had ignore that category at first as I don't play games. The credit isn't just for games though.

I also have £11 worth of Google Play credit via Google Rewards surveys.

I just tried to use my £10 credit. I'm sure it told me it expired on 18 Jan, and today is the 18 of January, so I would expect it to still be available.

I'm sure it didn't list an expiry time. I am aware it was 60 days from the 19 November, but 60 days is today.

The reason I hadn't used it up before was there wasn't much choice and I couldn't decide what to use it on.

Still, it will just discourage me from using the Galaxy Store.