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How to NOT upload original (unedited) photos to OneDrive?

(Topic created on: 21-03-2023 05:37 PM)
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I use Samsung Gallery and OneDrive integration to cloud backup my photos. I recently got an S23 after being on S10 for years and seemingly something has been updated and changed...


Essentially, I have some photos of very large (unnecessarily so) size, as they are high resolution, and use the phone's built-in image editor to reduce the size and scale them down to a smaller resolution. This has almost no real noticeable effect on the image quality (even when zoomed-in) but can drastically reduce the file size, which is what I want for cloud upload.

On my S10 (everything up-to-date) photos would seemingly get uploaded to OneDrive as their edited version, and if I wanted to revert edits to a file (which was saved overwritten*) I could do so for as long as the original image existed on that device, which was fine.

Now on my S23 however, it now uploads the file as if there had been no edits. So for example, a 25MB image res-scaled down to become 14MB just gets uploaded as the full 25MB instead of 14MB. What's strange is that OneDrive will show the image metadata as that of the edited version, and the only way you could tell it was actually edited is by downloading it onto a [Samsung] device and reverting the changes.

This ability to revert edits later on any device now is appreciated however conflicts with what I'm trying to do (deliberately reduce the filesize for cloud upload) - when I back a photo up to the cloud I'll only want the "edited" version in future, if I wanted the original I would previously have just saved the original as a separate copy.


Essentially I'm just wondering if some sort of option could be added to the Samsung Gallery backup specifying whether to upload edited images with the 'revert' option (keep originals), or just upload the edited version like it used to do.

I understand I can do things like resizing in other ways but I'd rather not have to upload hundreds/thousands of MBs of images to often rate-limited third-party services when the phone has that built-in. Would just be good to see this feature implemented to allow uploading as it used to be considering the system has been changed without our input, and is now unnecessarily tedious to work around.


* I am overwriting the original file instead of creating a copy as that would change the filename to the current timestamp (rather than when the photo was actually taken) and just messes things up for me, especially when viewing/sorting on a PC.

My reasoning for reducing file size is not necessarily that I don't have enough space in OneDrive or on my phone - I pay for 'premium' cloud storage and have 256GB local - but that it is not necessary for me to have such massive images uploaded. Future consideration of storage space is of course a factor too though.