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Would You Recommend the S22 Ultra?

(Topic created on: 13-08-2022 07:49 PM)
I have had my S22 Ultra for a few Months now which is riddled glitches, some more problematic than others. I was really exited when I ordered the custom phone from Samsung for around 1.5k I had 1tb of memory and a nice gray colour and also got a bonus on top of my trade in.

My old phone was an S22+ just under a year old and after I sent it in a 3rd party company sent me a demand for £75 towards my upgrade as they said it gad screen burn despite being barely a year old. However as my S22+ was a good phone I figured an upgrade to an S22 Ultra would be a step up and the built in 1tb would avoid app memory availability issues when using an SD card

When the phone is working OK its great when glitches kick in its a real pain and often renders the phone useless e.g when Microsoft apps fail to load or network issues calls constantly dropping etc

I would not recommend anyone who relies on their phone to get an S22 Ultra and my experience with this leads me to be wary of any new releases from Samsung until they have been release for sufficient time for Samsung to resolve the bugs in their devices. Probably around a year or so

If I had the time to produce and send all of the bug reports to Samsung it would be like a full time job doing what Samsung should do before releasing new devices.

The worst problem is Network and Conbectivity issues, which include

Calls dropping despite there veing a strong signal
Wifi dropping in apps despite there being a full signal or WiFi connected but no Internet
Signal dropping for no reason, most noticeable when streaming I.e constant black spots of silence and spinning circle trying to reconnect
Apps crashing or disappearing from screen
Dead links on Web pages
MS Office apps crashing or failing to load
Occasional crashes I e phone seems to get overloaded and freezes, goes blank and then comes back on
Occasional cogs when restarting saying optimising apps or says phone didn't shut down properly

There are other Occasional issues that I can't quite remember but on the whole it is not a very stable phone and certainly not worthy of the price tag and title of a flagship phone

I have come to the conclusion that the bulk of the problems are linked to the phones inability to maintain a strong network connection as this not only drops calls and connections etc but it is a main cause for office apps crashing or failing to load I e if Internet drops, many apps crash or freeze

I also think the inferior processor used in EU phones has a part to play as the Snapdraggon whilst does have its issues, it is more stable than the Exynos or whatever its called? I believe Samsung may be dropping this inferior chip in future releases?

I'm not sure if the next update to Android 13 will improve things but doubt it, I believe the Google Pixel phones have had this for a while but not released by Samsung yet I think it will need a firmware update once Samsung can identify what's casing problems or maybe vendors linked Microsoft might find a workaround for their apps

So in conclusion, I have had Samsung devices for many years from TVs RAM SSDs etc and always find Samsung to be a better brand but my experience with Samsung Mobiles leaves a lot to be desired and this S22 Ultra has been one of the most expensive yet the worst experience to date

Hopefully Samsung will put a bit more effort into resolving the issues rather than relying on temp fixes such as users having to perform many resets, restarts clear this clear that bla bla bla and us as consumers can use our equipment with the bug testing and fixes already sorted before releasing expensive products to market
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Go to settings use the search bar and type care report. This will give you a list of apps with possible issues
Yes I ran the care report for outlook loads of app not responding and one frequent wakeups
Helping Hand

You seem to be the one not telling the truth. The 1TB was nearly 2 grand, it was sold exclusively by at 1499. That link from Amazon is sold by a dodgy third party. IT IS NOT a reliable seller. None of the main UK networks carried 1TB S22 Ultra.