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Weird WiFi connection problems

(Topic created on: 02-09-2023 12:17 AM)
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For the past 2 or 3 weeks I have had various issues when connected to my WiFi at home. No other devices have experienced the same or similar issues, and there is seemingly no problem with my router which has been reset many times. Some apps will not connect e.g. Spotify says no Internet connection available, whilst at the same time I am able to browse Web pages, and use other apps. Sometimes just turning wifi off and on will load something on apps like bbc news, or I will need to switch to mobile data. I have tried clearing cache partition. And resetting network settings which seemed to improve things a bit but now I am having the same problems again. Some apps are basically unusable with WiFi now or I have to mess around switching between mobile data and WiFi. Weirdly sometimes an app will try to load a page like bbc news but will only load when I turn WiFi off... it's getting to be infuriating.

I used a different WiFi connection earlier today and had none of the problems experienced above. That might suggest the problem is with my WiFi connection rather than the phone itself, or maybe a bit of both?! I work from home and have no problems with my laptop etc. So at the moment I'm leaning towards it being my phone.

Anyone else had similar issues and able to fix them? Cheers!

P.S. I couldn't post this when connected to WiFi and had to switch to mobile data...
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Some people have said they've experienced similar issues @PhoneyMcPhonerson 

Some found double checking the apps permissions helped. Others cleared the specific apps cache and in some instances the data too. I

i.e Settings > Apps > Choose the App > Location > Clear Cache / Clear Data. 

Others deleted the app from their phone and also from their MyLibrary in the Playstore and then downloaded a fresh copy of the app. 

Also via clearing the phone's System Partition Cache Files which I see you've performed their is a Repair app option too. 

I do hope you find a resolution. 

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