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Touch screen problems

(Topic created on: 17-12-2022 12:49 AM)
Recently I've been having problems with my touch screen and lag with certain apps. I've followed Samsung advice on there website, restarting, performance check and virus scan and nothing has helped. Has anyone else had the same issues with S22 Ultra, only had this phone since the summer so pretty disappointed that it's started having issues like this. Especially when I need my phone for work being community HCA (Health Care Assistant). Any help from the Samsung community will be fab before calling them over the weekend 
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Make sure you have the most up to date software and clear cache partition. See if that helps

I have s22 Ultra and have not found any issues of lagging and touch issue
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Might be worth clearing the Partition Cache on the phone

It's a quick simple process that can help a lot

Wiping cache partition fixes some of the bugs and improve performance by removing unwanted cache files.

Turn off your phone.

Connect your phone with a USB cable
to PC or another Samsung mobile

You will see the charging icon on your screen.
Wait till it shows charging with battery percentage.

Next, press and hold the Volume up and Side key simultaneously.
You can press the volume up button just before the Side key.
The Samsung Logo followed by
Samsung Galaxy appears on the

At this point, release the keys
Phone will boot into Android Recovery mode

In Android recovery mode, using Volume keys, choose "Wipe Cache
Partition" .

Then press Side Key to Confirm by selecting "Yes" and then press Side Key

You get "cache wipe complete" at the
bottom of the screen
Restart the phone to complete the

It could be an issue with a theme or app as well. But try this first and see how you go
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Try going into Settings, Apps Choose the app[s] your experiencing issues with , Storage, Clear Cache and if absolutely necessary Clear Data.

Can you elaborate to which Apps you think maybe causing this @MrsMgC 

You can also try Safe Mode > Safe Mode  > turns off downloaded apps and themes etc which may highlight an app or theme that's causing conflict. 

If all else fails then as a last resort back up and Factory Reset.

If I can be of any further help then please don't hesitate. Take care.  😎 

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