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S22 Ultra For Sale?

(Topic created on: 11-11-2022 07:22 PM)
I'm surprised at the large No of used S22 Ultras for sale

I've never known for so many of such a new model of a flagship phone to find its way onto the shelves of so many used outlets so quickly

Given the number of issues that have plagued this handset which seem to vary depending on what it is used for, is this a sign that consumers are voting with their feet?

Don't get me wrong up until owning this S22 Ultra I have been a Samsung fan and not only in phones as I regularly use Samsung parts such as SSDs etc when building or repairing PCs, I also prefer the UI on Samsungs smart TVs

I personally wouldn't risk buying another new release phone from Samsung after my experience with this S22 Ultra

The stuff on the phone that works, works well but the problems that it encounters tend to be major and require a lot of technical knowledge to work around or a lot of patience waiting for updates etc

I'm sure at some point most issues will be resolved and maybe some corners have been cut on components such as the network chips or the exymos cpu etc which may be making it difficult to solve some of the problems 

I'm already researching other brands for my next upgrade much sooner than normal as I'd normally usually expect to get at least a couple of years from an upgrade but have only had this phone for a few months and it's been a nightmare to work with

I suspect Apple will be rubbing their hands if people decide to switch to them, which I hope not as I'm not an apple fan

Samsung you need to sort yourselves out, whatever has gone wrong needs fixing quick or your reputation will suffer badly and once you lose consumers it can be really hard to get them back

I'm not sure about returns and refunds, legally I would expect you are entitled to a refund for a faulty device, it's probably dependant on how long you've had it etc and how easy the process is would probably depend on where you bought it as a lot of retailers will do anything to avoid their obligations etc.