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Quick setting panel "Fast Charge" button

(Topic created on: 10-06-2022 10:41 AM)

Samsung have made some really neat improvements to battery conditioning and managing lifespan like the feature to only charge to 85%. Further to this, I can see there are some great options to limit charging speeds as well, however these options are buried in the S22 Ultra settings:

Settings> Battery and device care> Battery> More Battery Settings> Charging

I didn't know where to post this, or suggest this, and I am not certain if Samsung have a suggestions section for the ONE UI 4.0, but I was thinking it would be handy to have a quick settings button option for "Fast charging", "Super fast charging" and "Fast wireless charging"

Then, when you are in a hurry to head out, or need a really quick zap of power, you could hit this button, get it charged fast, and be on your way.

Equally, I wonder if this could be a "next charge only" option, so that once the user disconnects the charger, or removes the phone from the wireless charging mat, it would default back to the users predefined settings.

I speak for myself when I say I have become a little more aware of managing my batteries lifespan. Until upgrading to the S22 Ultra, I was rocking an S7 since 2016, and the battery life was still holding strong, but due in part because I never used the fast charge option all that often.

However, to be able to switch easily between these settings would be ideal and would be another handy solution from Samsung to extend the phones lifespan... If of course that is their goal.

If anyone knows a better place for me to post this suggestion I am all ears, and any further ideas you folks have I would love to hear.

Tourbillon De La Vie
Samsung Members Star ★
This is a really good suggestion on my opinion, also "Protect Battery" quick toggle would be good