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No sound on notifications

(Topic created on: 21-12-2022 05:52 PM)
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I done a update this morning on my s22 and now im not getting no notifications or sounds for my messages has this happened to anyone else please tried everything 
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Try turning off sounds and notifications, reboot the phone and then turn sounds and notifications back on.
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Have you found a resolution to this @kezzabella91 

Did @Fiona26 good advice 👌 help ?

I've had no loss of notification sounds since the December update.

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I have the exact same issue, no sound notifications since the last update. Followed every tip and trick online, nothing works. As a registered deaf user, I rely on my hearing ***** to feed the notifications to me, the ***** are blue toothed to the phone. I've uninstall and reinstalled the ***** app in case that was the issue, but hearing people say that they also can't hear sound notifications on phone either. What's going on?
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I have been having this same issue for a long time, including after an update on my Note 20.  I have a S22 Ultra now and same issue.  I have contacted Samsung and T-Mobile support and no one seems to be able to tell me what is going on.  I have tried restarting the phone, turning off notification sounds in the messages app restarting and turning them back on, and I have tried resetting the phone entirely.  Nothing has solved the issue.  This has to be an issue with the UI but no one seems to be able to pin point the problem.  Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated.  Nothing worse than not knowing you got a messsage.

S22 Ultra UI5 broken
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I had the same issue after the Feb update.

Took my phone to Samsung local repair centre, they agreed it's a HARDWARE ISSUE.

This issue affects the 1st 50,000 S22 Ultra's made, so if you purchased your S22 Ultra in the 1st month of launch you have the same issue.

The fix is to REPLACE the whole circuit board inside the phone and the reason is simple.

On the 1st Gen of S22 Ultra, a timer chip is NOT compatible with the latest update.

on the 2nd Gen of S22 Ultra, Samsung used a DIFFERENT timer chip and this issue does NOT affect 2nd Gen S22 Ultra.


Under UK Warranty, 2 years. Under European warranty, 3 years.

Take your phone to a Samsung repair centre, or use the Samsung website to book a repair and send in your phone.

Takes 5-10 days to get it back WORKING.