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Bluetooth Headset Not working while recording.

(Topic created on: 06-06-2022 07:24 PM)
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Galaxy S22 Series

Hey, so I am having an odd issue with trying to record video's. I have a headset that I use for phone calls/video calls/Discord/Whatsapp etc and the mic works perfectly fine for all of those things. However when I use the photo/video recorder it refuses to use my Bluetooth headset to record audio. I've tried to look this up, checked every setting I can find and as far as I can tell everything is setup correctly but it refuses to use my headset to record audio while making video's. This is the first time I've tried to make video's while using a headset, so I don't know if this is normal and there's some hidden setting somewhere I need to switch on or not. Any help would be appriciated thanks!

I am using the s22 Ultra, I still have my note 20 and tried it on that and it is the same way. Because it only does it while using the samsung picture/video app, seems like this is some software issue?

Things I have tried:

Device restart, Device reset, force closing applications, adding/removing permissions, turning it off completely and back on. App updates. (None were needed) and turning every possible mic setting I could find.

I've ruled out the headset, since it literally works for everything on this device, and others, but as far as video recording on my phone it just refuses to do it.

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Galaxy S22 Series

 I think it might be design. It doesn't work on mine either it seems 

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Galaxy S22 Series
It may be worth trying GCam as an alternative. You could also consider a wired headset using an adapter capable of handling sound and video. UGREEN sell these.