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Voice in S21 Ultra videos sounds quite silent and flat - too much compression

(Topic created on: 15-05-2021 07:21 AM)
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Hello, new S21 Ultra (Exynos) owner here.

I and my mate are doing a video podcast of sorts and were eager to select the best video setting on my new S21 Ultra - resolution, FPS, wide or main camera etc. We shot some with his Galaxy A71 for control purposes and played our samples back on his Samsung 4K TV. And as the video quality on the S21 Ultra was in most cases better (not much on the wide-angle, it had decent detail but was grainy), the microphone levels were considerably lower than those on the A71.

The quality was there, the details also, but the overall sound was way more silent and the bass/treble was nearly non-existent compared to the ones on the other device.

We started trying to change different settings on my phone with no effect. It's not an S21 Ultra playback issue, as I sent a video to his phone to stream it to the TV from there and the difference persisted.

Compared to a video on my wife's Samsung M31 the difference is also noticeable - the overall quality of the S21 Ultra mic sounds better, yet the voice is flatter with almost no bass.

I did not discover any particular microphone settings other than the zoom-in mic, which made no difference turned off or on. Can it be some other app using the microphone and screwing up its performance? I really hoped that the sound captured on the S21 Ultra would be impressive and not at all sub-par.

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the microphones are on top and at the back, page 12 manual


ensure the case is not covering those, if you have



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No, all microphones are uncovered and the sound is stereo. They pick up good details and background sound. I think the issue is some kind of voice processing. And if we didn't make side by side comparison with the other device we might have not detected it. But when we did the lack of bass was huge and the overall sound was quieter. No case involved in the recordings, and no hand on the mics as we used a tripod.


This is quite hilarious because on my device, there's too much bass on recordings. I would like to have a flatter response but for now, this is what I've got.