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Sound muting when type C cable used to connect to audio

(Topic created on: 25-10-2021 12:03 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

Can only seem to find similar issues in other threads, but not the same.


My issue is, that when using a type C cable to aux (in my car for example), music will play as normal, but randomly, will mute itself. I can see that the music is still playing, I.e. time still counting through the song, but there is no audio. Only thing that works (sometimes) to restart the sound, is to unplug the cable and reconnect it. However, this doesn't always work and can sometimes take several attempts and sometimes won't work at all. When the sound does go off, I can hear a tapping sound, like when an aux cable is being connected to a stereo. Seems that if the cable is disturbed, then the phone mutes?

Hard to explain... but I get the feeling this is a phone issue and will need replacing (again)?


One thing to add here, is that my current S21 is a replacement, but I never had this issue with my previous S21. 


Anyone else had this??

First Poster
Galaxy S21 Series

I am having the same issues. Mine is not on a replacement though. It used to work perfectly fine. I have tried 2 different USB c adapters for the audio cord but still won't work. I get the same tapping noise and it will continue to "play" on Spotify but will not play through speakers. I'm frustrated.