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S21 screen protector

(Topic created on: 19-07-2022 05:34 AM)
Galaxy S21 Series

Hey, so I got my s21 and brought a glass screen protector but doesn’t recognise fingerprint. I’ve read that it come with a protector already built in but how good is this? Is it safe to scratch and drop? And what happens when it gets so damaged? How do I replace it? Will a normal plastic protector work without the already built in one?

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Galaxy S21 Series

As far as I understand things @DIGS 11 the factory fitted screen protector is an added item to offer further protection against scratches etc and because they can be fiddly to fit maybe Samsung applied one to help that issue, and it isn't always going to last the lifetime of the phone because with general wear and tear the protector that's stuck on can lift along the edges or bubble the same way as any screen protector that's applied by an owner.

Some have been fortunate and theirs is still going strong.

Others like me remove them on purchase and fit other variations such as the Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector as i prefer the feel of glass.

This is why Samsung and 3rd party accessory companies sell them so that a person can re apply a new one if necessary.

Factory fitted screen protectors are not part of the Limited 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty last time I looked at the inclusions and exclusions of said Warranty.

If the screen protector is not meant to be removed i.e the earlier generations of the Fold and Flip then that's a different situation.



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