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S21 Queries

(Topic created on: 04-09-2021 09:41 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
Hey got a couple of questions; - On the S21 when running Phone Information (inPocket Software), it says the battery is 3880mAh, yet on it says that it is 4000mAh. Why is there a discrepancy, as I did the same check for my S8 and that matches perfectly with the website? P.S. I did check on the Phone INFO ☆SAM☆ app as well and that showed up to be 3880mAh. But, I did look in settings and found this (pic below), so could you explain what this means?😮 - The Phone INFO ☆Sam☆ app can check if a phone is refurbished, but it requires the serial number. Is this dodgy (and should I trust this) and is there another way to check for refurbished devices? I do trust WondaMobile, but I still like having the ability to check this with any phone, as it is quite handy, especially when getting phones from repair shops or ambiguous websites lol.


Superuser II
Superuser II
Galaxy S21 Series

Hello @LiquidSnake 


I've been using the phoneINFO app for a number of years without issue however I skip the request to input my phone's serial number and the app still works fine in regards to what I want to see about my phone.

I also use the CPU-Z App too.

Your Battery information is within the phone under About Phone which you've cone across to which I would go on that information and not particularly what the apps show.

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