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S21 5G automatic mobile network select does not switch to optimal available networks resulting in bad performance.

(Topic created on: 02-08-2022 12:46 PM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

I have an S21 5G with T-Mobile, if I turn off automatic network selection for the mobile network and select only the T-MOBILE network, I get coverage over 99% of my major routes and most of it is 5G. If I instead turn on automatic network selection, the phone switches over to mostly AT&T towers at 4G and offers virtually no connection for roughly 50% of my main routes. 

Three related questions -

1.) Is anyone else seeing this issue?
2.) Why is automatic network selection not reconnecting to my primary provider when their network is offering a far superior/stronger connection and instead leaving me connected to another carriers network? (I've even toggled airplane mode on and off - it stays on the low signal other carriers network.)
3.) I'm willing to leave automatic mode off but is there a way to stop the phone from popping up constantly asking if I want to select another network? (As I said T-Mobile coverage is actually very good on my major routes.)

Thank you.

Side thoughts:  (It appears that AT&T is bandwidth throttling, even when the signal is strong. Could they also be locking the phone to their tower or is this a phone issue?)