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Model number and serial number showing incorrect chcek by customer care

(Topic created on: 18-12-2022 01:26 AM)
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Galaxy S21 Series

Hi All,

I have recently bought samsung s22 ultra in used condition from a local authorized shop. The shop keeper mentioned that it has 5 months warranty remaining. So i called the customer care to check the warranty period. But from the customer care side,there were not able to find the device when entered the model and serial number. 

Device diagnose also not shown any issue with device. Is there anything we can do to check the authenticity of the phone and warranty. 


Thanks in advance!

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Galaxy S21 Series
It could be that the device is one that's been imported. The customer support will have only the details for the region that they are based.
Personally it sounds like either I'd just carry on using the device knowing that a warranty can't be used or take the phone back to the retailer for a refund.
Buying used, you take the chance of running into issues like this. Especially buying online. If you have the build number, the last few digits give you the region the phone is from