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Lost my keyboard - think I solved this issue

(Topic created on: 28-01-2022 10:17 AM)
Helping Hand
Galaxy S21 Series

I was signing into a new app account when the screen locked and my on screen keyboard vanished. 

I rebooted my S21 Ultra but still no keyboard appeared when I would tap on my Google search bar.  Nothing. 

I received a message that Google had stopped working.  I'm now getting a little panicky. I eventually go to Settings / Apps / Google and press Force Stop.

That brings back the keyboard, but it's the Samsung keyboard and not the MS SwiftKey keyboard that I use and prefer. 

Long story short, it would seem there was a very recent update to the MS SwiftKey Beta keyboard and that update must have installed at that time. 

At any rate, if this happens to anyone else, going to Settings / Apps and performing a Force Stop might be a good way to help solve an issue.

Just passin' this on. 

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Galaxy S23 Ultra / 512 GB / Microsoft Launcher / Samsung Silicone case