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How have you customised your S21?

(Topic created on: 10-09-2021 09:58 AM)
Big Cheese
Just thought I'd get a discussion going, regarding how people have personalised their S21 and see if anyone gets any ideas 💡

The way I have customised my S21 is:
> An official Samsung S21 Clear Case with a Kickstand on the back of the case; ideal for viewing your phone either in a portrait or landscape position 😀
> Dark mode. Everything.
> Uninstalled/disabled apps I don't need on the phone via the apps section in settings. If this was not possible to do so, then I would use Minimal ADB and Fastboot to work around this 😉.
> Take off mobile data when not using it and switched off the setting, where switching to mobile data automatically occurs, due to poor Wi-Fi. I did this, because it saves a TON of battery and my phone never feels hot now 😎.
> Dolby Atmos enabled, as well as creating a personalised sound profile 🎧 😎.
> Customised my button layout in the quick panel, as well as using Good Lock to make the button grid bigger 😈.
> In addition to that, installing the Good Lock modules: Home Up, MultiStar and QuickStar.
> Home Up: For making my home screen 4x4 and modifying my folder size to be 4x5 (I only have one home page and three apps pages, as I do not like clutter 🧹).
> MultiStar: For holding down the recents key, in order to quickly create an app in split-screen mode.
> QuickStar: See point above regarding button grid size 🙄.
> Installed apps that I need to use and setting them up, totalling a storage currently at 52.98GB (which fluctuates, due to cache) on the 256GB model (the actual size that you can utilise though is 224GB I believe, due to critical system apps and processes).
> Utilising Device Care to manage my deep sleeping apps, as well as apps that never sleep. Moreover, managing battery setting options such as, enabling Super Fast Charging and Fast Charging, turning off Wireless Charging and setting auto-optimisation settings for when the phone should restart, etc.. 😴
> Turning off adaptive brightness and gesture features, as I like using buttons + I have heard it is better for battery life 🔋.
> Using WQHD+, Adaptive Display with Vivid Image Quality, Enhanced Video Brightness and Eye Comfort at max all the time 😎📱🤳.
> Using Edge Panels.
> VoLTE is on and using Samsung Pay.
I have:
. Turned AOD to constant
. Set 2 routines, one to rotate AOD whilst in the car and another to slow down charging at night
. Got VOLTE on use samsung pay
. Dark mode is auto, comfort eye is auto
. 120hz on
. Got about 40gb in use
. Mine is standard s21 so adaptive refresh is on, and it's fixed at FHD.
. I also use brighter videos for videos
Think that's it any other questions or anything I missed just ask
Oh and I use adaptive brightness
Helping Hand
First thing I did was to cut a small slot in the top edge so that I could insert a micro sd card and then I cut about 3mm off each edge so that it's about the same size as my beloved s10 plus, which I gave to my girlfriend when I got this piece of 💩 😃😃 As you can probably tell, I really miss my old phone with its 512 gig of internal storage and the ability to use a micro sd card!
I have:
- Installed all apps I had on my old phone (one by one, not using Smart switch)
- Kept 120hz on
- Disabled any preinstalled apps that I dont use.
- A clear case on my phone, as I was lucky enough to get hold of a purple S21 💜
- Eye comfort Shield on
- Light Mode on
- Turned off Adaptive Brightness
Big Cheese
When I get the S22, I will also install apps one by one, disable apps, etc. Then, I will get a lightweight, protective case for it 😎
Ah I take it u decided to get the s22 then instead of sticking with ur s21. I would have run the A51 5g for anotehr year then got the s22 but my A51 5g broke (the touchscreen went crazy and battery drained horribly despite light use and applying all known fixes safe mode and factory reset) so I went with the s21 and Im so glad I did 👌
Big Cheese
Yeah, I am happy Samsung is finally making the phones smaller, as I would like one that is efficient and great, but with a suitable phone size, like the S8!