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Any Android (Zero Value)/ Broken Phone Trade In

(Topic created on: 18-06-2021 10:51 PM)
Galaxy S21 Series
I've been looking at the deal where you can trade in either a broken phone, cracked screen phone, or any android phone (zero value) for £200 off. Well I was about to take up the offer but I noticed it says "up to" £200 off.

So I have an old Nokia phone (Asha 300) which is broken (sim card clip/metal thingy that holds the SIM in place) is missing so it won't hold a SIM unless you do some DIY. But it's not broken in any of the ways they list on the screen where it says whether it meets the broken phone criteria (which to be fair sounds very much like it needs to be an unbroken phone haha).

I reckon I'd need to list it in the any broken phone section as it's not an android phone (Android (Zero Value probably wouldn't fly) with the trade in company. Screen is fully operational. What constitutes reasonable wear and tear on a 9 year old phone?

Anyway has anyone gone through the process of a similar trade in and how did it go?